This is the beginning of the rest of your life. People say that all the time but to actually feel it. To actually live it and know that it is happening is something not everyone has experienced. This blog is a testament to my life’s evolution. The stages in my life are very clear cut and obvious. I remember each overhaul and feel the emotional upheaval as if it just happened.

The Scientist


When I graduated from college, I began my life as a microbiologist. A pharmaceutical microbiologist to be exact. I loved it! I worked behind the bench and saw some of the most amazing life forms under the microscope.

Colonies of bacterial and fungal growth are amazing when you take the time to look at them. Fungal growth can be called ‘blooms’ just like flowers. Single celled bacterial growth that moves without the assistance of limbs are fascinating. I can easily see where the creators of scifi story lines get their vision of alien life forms. What better creative use of  this scientific reality.

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The Teacher


After some time off, raising my children, I jumped back into the workforce as a teacher. I learned that there was a need for science teachers and I could easily fit the bill. I took my knowledge of children and a strong science background into  the classroom Talk about an eye opening experience that is at the same time joyful and stressful.

I began teaching English and Science to upper Elementary school students. Watching them learn and grow, seeing the lights in their eyes was so enlightening. I have never experienced anything like it.

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The Bibliophile


My entire life has revolved around books. As a student I began spending my days in the library. Roaming the stacks was my most favored pastime. Finding new books felt like finding a new friend. I still love going to the library, spending my time in bookstores, feeling the binding of the books and, inhaling their sent.

As a college student I worked in the university library. I loved being around the books. Walking through the hallowed halls of the library left me feeling like I was surrounded by living, breathing beings.

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I am the sum of all my parts. I am Muslim. I believe in the One God, the Creator, the Omnipotent, the Ruler, the Judge of all.  I believe in the Prophet Mohammad SallAllahu Alayhi WaSalam, the Seal and Final Prophet sent to mankind.I value truth, peace, knowledge, wisdom, and human kindness.

I am a mother of 5 . My children each have a part of my heart and soul. The Master Professor, the Computer Magician, the Thespian, Mini-Me, and Beautiful Little Boy all complete me.

As a scientist I believe in the reality of the world around me. As a teacher I have hope in the future. As a bibliophile I see the creativity of the human mind. I love the idea that each of these times in my life have come together like the pieces of a puzzle. One overlaps the other to affect my actions and outcomes.

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